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Your Genuine SeaDek Installer For Grey-Bruce

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Experience Unrivaled Excellence with SeaDek Boat Flooring!

Why SeaDek?

Discover why SeaDek stands out as the pinnacle in high-end North American boating, and why we are proud to bring this exceptional brand to the Grey Bruce region. Here's why SeaDek is the definitive choice for your boat flooring needs:

SeaDek - The Original Foam Flooring 


As the trailblazer in the field, SeaDek boasts more experience than all other competitors combined, establishing itself as the original and unparalleled foam flooring solution.


Fully Customizable Design 

Enjoy the freedom of full customization with SeaDek. Choose from a vast array of color options and two distinctive textures to tailor your boat flooring to match your unique style and preferences.


Precision Custom Fit 


Every SeaDek installation is meticulously crafted to measure, ensuring a 100% custom fit that seamlessly integrates with the contours of your boat.


Comfort and Safety Unleashed


Experience the perfect blend of comfort and safety with SeaDek's anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties. Soft yet strong, SeaDek provides a luxurious feel underfoot, making your bare feet fall in love with every step.

Long-Lasting Satisfaction

Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year warranty on all SeaDek installs. The superior adhesive used by SeaDek guarantees long-term performance, preventing lifting and loosening that may occur with lower-quality alternatives.


Global Quality Production 


SeaDek's foam is produced in Europe and laminated in the USA, ensuring unparalleled quality control. Trust that you are receiving a high-quality product that meets the rigorous standards of SeaDek.


Durability Beyond Compare 


Renowned for its durability, SeaDek has been known to last upwards of a decade, making it one of the most robust foam flooring options available.

Performance Over Price 


Like all the products we choose, SeaDek was selected not for its lowest price but for its highest performance. Your boat deserves nothing less.

Your boat deserves the best ! Elevate your boating experience with our top-tier SeaDek boat flooring options.

Your Boat Deserves A SeaDek!

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The SeaDek Process

Contact Us


Begin the process by reaching out to us. We're here to address any questions you may have. Provide us with essential details about your boat, including the YEAR, MAKE, and MODEL. If possible, share some photos of your boat's floor layout. This information is crucial as it helps us understand your requirements and enables us to offer you an accurate and personalized quote for the installation of your new SeaDek.

phone call
seadek measurement

Precision Measurements


Once we agree on the price, we move forward to schedule the next steps. A 50% deposit is required at this stage to secure your booking and initiate the process.
Our professionally trained staff will then schedule a convenient time to visit your boat armed with cutting-edge digital measuring devices. These tools ensure a meticulous scan of your boat floor, guaranteeing precision in the SeaDek installation. This step is vital for achieving a perfect fit.

Custom Design


After obtaining the scan data, we transition to the custom design phase. Our team cleans up the raw data and collaborates closely with you to design your SeaDek. This is the stage where we iron out all the details, including custom logos, ensuring that you have a clear picture of what your SeaDek will look like upon completion. The finalized CAD data is then sent to our SeaDek certified fabricator for cutting and subsequent delivery to our facility.




Approximately two weeks from the initial scan, we receive the custom SeaDek from our fabricator. Once the product is in-house, we coordinate with you to schedule the installation. Prior to installing the SeaDek, we meticulously clean and prepare your boat. An additional step involves applying a primer strategically in areas where extra adhesive hold is required. This step significantly enhances the adhesive's holding power.

The final leg of the journey involves the actual installation of your SeaDek. Our skilled team ensures a seamless application, providing a flawless finish that enhances the aesthetics, comfort, and functionality of your boat. The end result is a boat deck transformed with SeaDek, tailored to your specifications and surpassing your expectations.

Demand Genuine SeaDek!
Custom Logos Or Designs Are No Problem!
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