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Production Sewing 

WestBack was founded as a custom production sewing business and has since expanded but our production sewing remains a vital part of the business as ever. We have a wide range of single and double needle sewing machines as well as CNC machines, as well as access to fabric cutting machines to be a full service sewing destination. Our approach to business in a very competitive market is that innovation, creativity and investment are the tools that we bring to the table to offer competitive pricing as well as high quality. Our long arm machines cut down the time and increase the quality of bulky parts, we have gotten machines custom made for extra wide needle spacings to decrease sewing time as well as increase the quality. We make custom jigs, fabric/ mesh welders, and other tools to help us compete as well as keep the bar as high as possible in quality standards. We have much experience in many areas, we have done damage control blankets for automotive manufacturing, dock seals for warehousing, hose packs for wildfire fighting, safety barriers for forklifts and much more. Give us a call to see what we can offer you!

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