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Snap On Boat Cover at Marina

Custom Boat Covers


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Discover the Unmatched Qualities of Our Boat Covers:

Premium Sunbrella Canvas

We exclusively use genuine, marine-grade Sunbrella for all our canvas, unless our customers specify otherwise. This ensures top-notch durability and resistance to the elements.

Gore Tenara Thread Excellence

Our covers are sewn with Gore Tenara thread, globally recognized for unparalleled quality. This thread guarantees no deterioration throughout the fabric's lifespan, as it is crafted from the most chemically resistant material known to man and is 100% UV resistant.

Triple Seaming for Unrivaled Warranty

Every material joining seam undergoes triple seaming, allowing us to offer a unique warranty. If a seam unravels before the cover's expected lifespan, we provide complimentary restitching.

Polypropylene Webbing Reinforcement

To enhance strength, we incorporate polypropylene webbing around the cover's perimeter, where snaps are attached. This prevents snaps from pulling through the material over time.

Strategic Boat Vents

Our covers feature boat vents to maximize airflow, minimizing mold growth. This proactive approach safeguards against upholstery and interior deterioration.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

We utilize 100% stainless steel fasteners in all our covers, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion in any conditions. This not only adds value but also strengthens the snap riveting process, preventing snaps from pulling apart after years of use.

Standard Features, Not Upsells

Unlike many competitors, we consider premium features, such as triple seaming and stainless steel fasteners, standard. We prioritize quality over upselling, steering clear of poor fit, strain during use, premature failure, and overall dissatisfaction. A high-quality cover is a wise investment, repeatedly paying dividends by protecting your boat's upholstery from the sun and rain, thereby extending the boat's overall lifespan.

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Pier in the Lake

Want a free estimate or want to learn more about our custom snap on boat covers, custom boat canvas tops and upholstery services? 

Showcasing Our Custom Boat Covers

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