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At WestBack Enterprises we strive to find winning solutions for both ourselves and our clients. We believe that creativity and technology should play hand in hand in finding solutions to cut costs, speed up production and create a winning solution for all our production processes. We have built our business upon the foundations of speeding up but keeping quality at the highest benchmark.

We have gotten sewing machines made that were first in the entire world in regards to needle spacings to cut the sewing time roughly in half giving us a competitive edge while keeping end costs very reasonable. We have optimized all parts of our production process building welders and customizing plotters and jigs to help keep quality as high as possible while saving labor. This experience is what we offer your company.

We look forward to hearing from you and suggesting ways that we can produce your products at with high quality outcomes at a very competitive cost.

How We Work


If you are someone needing a repair to a piece of canvas or a custom boat cover or looking to find someone to sew at a production scale for your business the first step is to contact us to discuss your needs. Depending on the situation we will then take things to the next step if requested either making a sample or giving a quote. 

Contact us with your needs


If you are needing a custom boat cover made and agree to pricing given then the next step will be dropping it off at our location. You will then be asked to pick a color from our samples and we can walk around the boat to make sure everything is as it looked in photos assuring no extra costs and give you a chance to add extras if you so choose. For company's looking to tap into our production power we will first make samples to make sure we are up to your quality then we will discuss pricing

Samples, Pricing, Further consultation


When we are finished with a boat cover we will send you several pictures if possible to make sure that there is nothing obvious that you are not happy with. If you are happy with how it looks in the photos we will arrange a time to come and pick up. when you arrive you have the chance to walk around and check everything out before you pay. For production processes if we can strike a deal that makes everybody involved we will ramp up production to agreed terms starting what will hopefully be a winning situation for both our companies for the short and long term. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pick up or delivery

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