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Custom Heavy Duty Tarps


Our Services

We offer a wide range of services including production sewing, marine upholstery, canvas projects, CNC sewing, custom trailer tarps and much more. 

Sewn safety products

Production Sewing Services

At WestBack Enterprises Inc we specialize in production sewing. Our equipment and employees are optimized in a production environment. We offer custom sewing services from prototyping to final delivery and strive to outperform out customers expectations time and time again

CNC sewn pattern

CNC Sewing Services

We have experience and a range of CNC sewing machines available. from heavy duty safety barrier straps rated to stop 10,000 pounds to a wide range of pet harnesses and leashes. Let our experience be your asset! Contact us so that we can start on your project

Marine upholstry services

Marine Upholstery And Bimini Tops

Marine upholstery is a time consuming process and often considered an art. We will do some upholstery work depending on our schedule. We also make Bimini tops custom to your frame!

Trailer Tarp

Custom Trailer Tarps 

Tarps are also another service that we offer through a trusted local partner. With years of experience building strong dependable long lasting tarps for the commercial and agricultural market, you can have confidence in your investment!

Industrial sewing machine

Canvas Projects And Repairs

On top of custom boat canvas we have the capabilities here to repair most sizes and shapes and thicknesses of tarps canvases and other related items. We also can create and sew most canvas projects. Don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your idea.

Custom Horse Harness

Other Custom Sewing Services

Through many other local partners we services including but not limited to CNC fabric cutting, clear vinyl dividers, heavy duty workhorse and show harnesses and bridles and halters both for show and work, patio furniture covers, pet harness design and manufacture and much much more.


Still haven't found what you are looking for? Don't hesitate to give us all call and discuss your needs. We are always looking for new opportunities to expand into new horizons. The least we can do is talk to you and if possible guide you into the right direction even if we cant do what you need here there is a chance that we might know of a company or service that could help you!

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