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Industrial Sewing Machine


Our Goal

Welcome to WestBack Enterprises Inc. Founded in 2019 with a goal of creating high quality sewn products at a competitive price through innovation and automation.

Sewing Machine

We firmly believe that the best and only way to stay competitive in a ever changing and challenging market is continued investment in the best fastest and most reliable sewing equipment available. Our fleet of machines includes several long arm single and double needle machines of varying spacings allowing us to handle bulkier materials easier and more efficiently improving cost effectiveness for our bottom line. Also in our fleet we have CNC sewing machines,  an automatic nylon cutter, and more! Our years of experience sewing safety products for the warehousing industry have given us plenty of experience that we can put to work for you!

Creating highest quality boat covers with a seam guarantee for the life of the cover has gained trust in our customers. Creating custom projects from gazebo roofs to carrying bags has challenged us on our continued vision of high quality, competitive end results while keeping the customer happy. Our top of the line sewing machines allow us to achieve a high standard and our trained and dedicated employees are the heart of our business, meeting deadlines with assurance and determination. We are pleased with your decision to visit us and urge you to contact us with any requests or questions, big or small.

Industrial Sewing Machine
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